Developing a Positive Self Image

  • Positive self image can be the greatest determining factor in success
  • This does not begin with what we do or what we have, but with who we are and who we think we are
  • Positive self esteem helps teens cope with emotional stress correlating with success later in life
  • Confidence and the willingness to try new challenges can lead teens to greater academic success, earning scholarships and/or receiving other opportunities
  • YouthMax helps youth understand the importance of embracing the image of the self
  • The goal is to offer ways to develop a positive self image through learning about self respect

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Learning to Fail Forward

  • Most teens believe that all failure is bad and should be avoided when failing is a very important part of success
  • Those who fear failure will not take the steps to fail forward
  • YouthMax provides youth with facts about failure, ways to overcome, and how to move forward
  • The goal is to help kids focus on learning through losses

Trainers at School of Thoughts are certified in YouthMax and YouthMax Plus, youth leadership development curriculum of the John Maxwell Team. The programs inspire and equip young people to value themselves and others through their own self image, showing compassion to others, persevering amidst adversity, and creating a daily routing of successful attitudes and behaviors. 

This program is designed to give today's young people practical tools and ideas to help them navigate life in four key areas:

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  1. Stand Up and Be Counted (Stop Bullying)
  2. Learning to Fail Forward to Success
  3. Developing a Positive Self Image
  4. Developing Strong Personal Character

Nick is an international speaker and best selling author, and the first YouthMax program ambassador. Nick's values of perseverance, overcoming difficulties, and positive self image have transformed the lives of millions of young adults and youth around the world. He is passionate about helping young people live to their fullest potential. The YouthMax Plus program consists of 5 facilitator led sessions for kids (age 8-11) and teens (12-18). Kids learn about building strong relationships and adding value to others. 

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Developing Strong Personal Character

A survey released by the Josephson Institute of Ethics on the values and ethical actions of high school students shows:

  • A vast majority of students admitted to cheating on a test, with many doing it more than 2 times
  • Students confessed to lying on some survey questions to conceal misconduct
  • YouthMax will reinforce the though process that developing good character traits to be the best insurance for handling difficult days through determination rather than discouragement
  • The goal is to equip youth to form/build character by aligning values, thoughts, feelings, and actions to help ensure victories in their lives, both now and in the future

Olivia is pictured above and is an international speaker and multiple award recipient for her social entrepreneurship and humanitarian efforts. She founded Save the Earth Projects at the age of 10 and loves speaking to young people and adults about social responsibility. Olivia's story is one of rising above obstacles, overcoming the challenge of losing a home in a FEMA disaster, maintaining a positive outlook despite double concussions, and her talks and presentations impact young people worldwide. Her initiatives have raised thousands of dollars for charities and provided things like food, shoes, and funds across the world.

Stand Up and Be Counted

  • 1 in 7 students K-12 is either a bully or a victim of bullying
  • 1 out of every 10 students who drops our of school does so because of repeated bullying
  • YouthMax helps equip youth to take responsibility, help others, and righting wrongs
  • The goal is to help youth stand up, lift up, and pick up others

"The Leadership Game is a fabulous way to get young people  thinking critically about

what it means to be a leader and begin to articulate how to use every day experiences to grow.

I saw multiple youth stop and think before speaking to share what was in their heart,

as well as what could benefit others in the room.

I highly recommend this game for all students. It helps them to tap into the leader inside of them."

 - Arin P. - Middle School Math Teacher