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Working Together
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Denise R. Russo, Master Certified Lead Coach and Fractional CLO

As a solution-based coach, entrepreneurial-minded leader, and social advocate, Denise brings years of experience leading teams focused on exploration, enablement, engagement, and empowerment of leaders at all levels. Denise is an innovative, proactive problem solver with an impressive track record in strategy development, coaching high performers and teams, transformational and intentional leadership consulting, and large-scale event consulting.


She is sought out to invent, build, and launch internal and hybrid coaching programs for small-mid-large companies, consults with L&D leaders on learner experience design, and has full roster of coaching clients (executive, career (mobility/transition), leadership, life, mindfulness, positive intelligence and wellness).

Denise is the author of Twelve Days: A Christmas Exploration, producer of "Your Signature Story" growth retreats, and host of the life and leadership podcast, "What's On Your Bookshelf?" on Apple and Spotify.

She serves the following organizations:

Forbes Coaches Council (frequent featured author), International Coaching Federation (ICF CIO) global board of directors, Maxwell Leadership President's Advisory Council, Harvard Business Review and Chief Learning Officer Magazine business intelligence boards, and Travel Unity global board.

Services (contact for custom programming)

Offering individual and group coaching, consulting (building coaching cultures, training programs, or events), leadership development, human behavior assessments, and content strategy and curation, onsite event production.

Working Together

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What People Are Saying

Denise is one of the easiest and most creative people I've had the pleasure to work with. She is an incredible coach, mentor, and collaborator able to motivate and inspire you to achieve your vision. She has a wealth of expertise and continually educates herself to ensure she is providing the most effective approach. Every aspect of her work is superb and beyond expectations. Her leadership, vision, and values create a transformational experience for her clients.

- Michelle K. (Head of Enablement & Executive Coach - West USA)

Denise has a wide range of knowledge and experience in leadership development, and it shows in every interaction! She always has ideas and creative solutions - no matter the challenge. Her inspiring consultation and leadership bring out the best in her teams and those fortunate enough to work with her. I am always impressed by the deep questions and solid results that come from our work together. I cannot recommend Denise’s services highly enough!

- Lauren B. (Enablement & Performance Consultant - Midwest USA)

Working with Denise simply brings incredible value! Her diverse expertise is an invaluable asset to any project or organization. She is a powerhouse as a speaker, mentor or coach. Denise as an executive consultant is truly a leader of leaders, who is insightful, thoughtful, and delivers with a genuine desire to help others succeed. Her ability to empower and enable leaders and teams has been truly impressive! Overall, working with Denise has been an enlightening and transformative experience.

- Charles D. (Executive Coach - South USA)

I cannot say enough about @Denise Russo! From her dedication to go to great effort to assist hundreds through her incredible talent, to the strength of her dedication and vision, to her incredible drive and positive attitude, she is exceptional. I had a few blocks in my career and sports performance. It is a transformative revelation of how much more confident, brave, and centered I felt after her sessions. I highly recommend Denise to anyone wanting more from their life!

- Victoria M. (Life Coach - Northwest Coast USA)

Working with Denise was great. During our coaching sessions she was very mindful about the objectives that I wanted to achieve, working as a great sounding board. I appreciate every single minute I spent with her reflecting about my professional and personal goals!

- David L. (MBA Candidate)

Denise is amazing. You’ll be so happy your included her on your team or project.

- Amy B. (Executive Coach & Global Event Producer - Amsterdam)

Over the years whenever I had questions about professional development, or looked for career advice, Denise was always available to share her experience and ideas, provide guidance and support. If you feel stuck in your current role, or don't know how to take the next step in your professional life, get in contact with Denise. She will empower you to find the inner strength and inspiration to move forward with your career.

- Akhat K. (Cloud Program Manager - Prague)

Denise is the ultimate connector. Whatever you need, she can listen, assess, and connect you to the idea, person, resource, book, video, etc. so that you can learn, grow, and move toward your goals. I am an infinitely better person because of time I've spent with her. Through coaching, mentoring, and teaching she helped me find a fulfilling path in life I never considered and would never have walked had it not been for her. I will forever be grateful to work with Denise.

- Samantha P. (Leadership Coach and CEO - Northeast USA)

Denise is truly dedicated to the art of coaching. She is excellent in creating actionable steps with her clients and is professionally trained to tackle any client's role or career path. I know Denise not only as a colleague, but as a facilitator, author and mom. She gives 100% of herself when it comes to helping others grow personally and professionally. If you are looking for someone who encourages self-improvement and provides a safe environment for honest sharing, Denise is your coach!

- Jeffrey K. (Leadership Development Director -Northeast USA)

I’d like to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional coaching service I received from Denise. Her support, guidance, and coaching have played a crucial role in helping me navigate my career development and pursue my passions. Thanks to her coaching, I’ve achieved significant progress in my professional journey. I cannot overstate the impact she has had on my career, and I will always be grateful for the transformative experience she provided.

- Abdallah T. (Principle Enterprise Architect - Canada)

Denise and I worked together on two separate projects (so far, looking forward to more) and it is an absolute delight working with. She knows exactly when to take lead and has amazing listening skills to take direction. She is empathetic to people and situations, amazing at communicating, caring beyond belief and someone I never have to worry about standing me up or not showing up for me. She is a true professional and great person who produces great outcomes. 10/10

- Ryan D. (VP Sales & Strategic Partnerships - Midwest USA)

I've seen Denise build a robust, engaging, fun and life changing leadership development program taking into consideration the life long learning concept. Creating the basis with new hire onboarding, early talent programs, aspiring leaders to senior leader and VP levels she was able to build a program that changed the culture of an organization. Denise is always one step ahead as far as innovation goes, always exploring new tools, new channels and new ideas. Rachel A. (Learning Experience Designer & Onboarding - Brazil)

How many times do we get stuck with our career? How often you have critical situation in our personal life influencing your professional career and vice verse? Did you ever experienced stress after a critical meeting and you don't know how to move forward? I met Denise as one of the most qualified Mentors at SAP and I had the privilege of being her mentee for nearly 6 years. with her help I found the best version of myself. Hyper qualified, fun & friendly

- Jose N. S. (Senior Cloud Support & Services Consultant - Sweden)

I had the pleasure of work for Denise as my manager a coach. Her genuinely cares about personal growth and development of people and never misses an opportunity to help me grow personally and professionally. Her coaching sessions are thought provoking and inspiring. Denise has a natural talent for asking the right questions and enabling me to gain a deeper understanding of my potential and find innovative solutions to problems. I highly recommend Denise if you are looking for a mentor and coach!

- Scott M. (Senior Educational Consultant - Southeast USA)

I have worked with Denise for several years and she has been immensely helpful in helping me to better plot my career path and to try and determine my "reason for being" (ikigai). I have watched her create and lead extremely efficient and productive teams. She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to mentoring, coaching, and development/enablement. If you're looking for career coaching, leadership development, or mentoring/coaching of any kind, I can't recommend Denise enough for the job.

- Timothy D (Program Manager - Northeast USA)

Denise is great at everything she does. She is one of these people you can always trust to deliver on their promise. She is professional, caring, proactive and has a personal approach. Overall a delight to work with! Raviv M. (VP Global Cloud Technologies - West Coast USA)

Denise is a very talented person, a great listener, and a resourceful thinker. She asks great questions which lead to deeper insights. Coaching is truly her gift.

- Jennifer S. (Director Learner Experience & Coach - Southeast USA)

I had the honor of meeting Denise following one of her leadership trainings, where I learned of her vast experience in enablement and even broader expertise in coaching. Denise quickly became a confidant, mentor and coach, and most importantly, a dear friend. I am grateful for her generous gifts of time and heartfelt support.

- Jennifer C. (VP Customer Success & Coach - Midwest USA)

Denise is always a pleasure to work with! She has so many great ideas and is a great role model for any aspiring leader! I learn something from her every time we meet.

- Andy H. (Senior Support Supervisor and Podcast Host - East USA)

Upcoming Events

  • What's On Your Bookshelf?
    What's On Your Bookshelf?
    Time is whenever you log in!
    Apple Podcasts
    Time is whenever you log in!
    Apple Podcasts
    Time is whenever you log in!
    Apple Podcasts
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  • Your Signature Story
    Your Signature Story
    Fri, Sep 29
    Central Florida
    Sep 29, 2023, 10:00 AM – Oct 01, 2023, 10:00 AM
    Central Florida, FL, USA
    Sep 29, 2023, 10:00 AM – Oct 01, 2023, 10:00 AM
    Central Florida, FL, USA
    Multiday Immersive Retreat focusing on passions, potential, and purpose
  • Meet & Greet
    Meet & Greet
    Thu, Oct 09
    San Francisco
    Oct 09, 2025, 7:00 PM
    San Francisco, CA, USA
    Oct 09, 2025, 7:00 PM
    San Francisco, CA, USA
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