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Twelve Days: A Christmas Exploration

Twelve Days: A Christmas Exploration

You may be familiar with the popular Christmas song, The Twelve Days of Christmas. This book examines the lyrics that all begin with a true love bringing gifts.

Could it mean more than just birds and people dancing? Nestle in, read about extended thoughts and interpretations, and challenge your own thinking.

Each chapter also features deeper dives including additional reading, pondering thoughts, prayers, songs, and journal prompts.

You can read this book any time. However, the best time to start is on December 25, the first official day of Christmas.

While this was about a song chronicling gifts and the ceremony of giving, it is about so much more. No checklist, no rules, no rhetoric, no rituals. Love is the gift. Life is the gift. Jesus is the gift. You are invited to take the gift, open it, and love it. No other conditions.

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